The F45 Challenge:

Define Yourself

Charlotte Gammon - F45 TCR member and Challenge Runner-Up

Charlotte Gammon - F45 TCR member and Challenge Runner-Up


If you're looking to define a new you, the F45 Challenge is your one stop shop. The last F45 Challenge saw our members smash some incredible results - now it’s your turn to join the fun, with the next F45 Challenge starting Monday the 16th of October. 

What do I need to do / Next Steps:

1. Purchase your Challenge Pack

2. Book a slot to get all scans + photos done

3. Download the F45 Challenge App

How much?

For CURRENT MEMBERS, the F45 Challenge Pack features full access to the free F45 Challenge app which includes all of your meal plans, easy to follow recipes, a daily 45-point system to help keep you on track and shopping lists to make your food prep super easy, as well as:

  • A checklist prior to starting to make sure you have everything you need
  • At weeks 1, 4 and 8: Body Scans, Progress Photos and Goal Setting
  • 1 packet of your favourite Innermost protein to help with your nutrition (choose Vanilla or Chocolate) 
  • Mid Challenge Meet Up + Talk with special guest

COST: £50.00


For NON MEMBERS, to take part in the F45 Challenge, the F45 Challenge Pack  (as well as all of the above) will ALSO INCLUDE a membership for 2 months of UNLIMITED training at F45 Tottenham Court Road.

COST: £420.00 (2x monthly instalments of £210.00)

Sneak Peak Video


Here’s what our winners have to say about their experience…

Male Winner:
Ryan Dixon - Dropped 3.9% body fat + gained 2kg lean muscle. Most notably, Ryan dropped upwards of 8% fat off each arm.

"Before the F45 challenge I had never followed any sort of plan or diet but decided to step outside the box! I was blown away how the combination of exercise and correct food changed my body! Before the challenge started my goals were to reduce fat, build muscle and a 6 pack would have been nice!
Well I dropped body fat, gained lean muscle AND got a six pack!! It wasn't easy but having the app and other F45 family doing it alongside you made it so much more achievable.
I can honestly say that my body has never made such a rapid transformation so quickly than with F45 and the challenge! Here's to the next!!"

Female Winner:
Georgina Ramage - Dropped 9.5% body fat + gained 3.6kg lean muscle mass. 

"The 8 week challenge was really good fun, learning to cook delicious heathy food/ training and reshaping my body and meeting loads of new amazing people with similar goals. As long as you follow the daily eating plan & train hard you will be amazed by the results!"


What is the F45 Challenge diet like?

Phase 1
Weeks 1 - 2

Spring Training’- The first phase of the 8-week Challenge is designed to start by alkalising and detoxing the body by focusing on the stimulation of specific hormones and functions.
During this phase the body will be cleansed from any build up of toxins whilst enhancing liver function, promoting healthy bowel movement, stimulating the metabolism and removing fluid retention, whilst simultaneously beginning the process of eliminating sugar cravings. In the first 2 weeks, our members will see huge results on the scales.

  • Cleansing the blood/liver of toxins

  • Reducing fluid retention

  • Improving energy levels

  • Enhancing sleeping patterns

Phase 2
Weeks 2 - 6

Regular Season’ is the 2nd and longest phase of the Challenge. Over these four weeks you will be defining your physique and fortifying the healthy habits you commenced with in phase 1. The nutrition during this time is based on a high protein intake to support muscle hypertrophy by assisting in muscle recovery and repair, whilst facilitating healthy fat loss and building a strong immune defence. Completing this phase will prep the body for entering the final phase of the program in week 7 and 8 of the challenge.

  • Defining your physique

  • Creating lean muscle tone

  • Reducing inflammation

  • Boosting immune function

Phase 3
Weeks 6 - 8

World Series’ - The final and ultimate fat stripping phase of the Challenge focuses on a high fat, low carbohydrate nutrition plan to strip the remaining body fat, enhance muscle definition and suppress appetite. A low intake of carbohydrates will encourage fat stores to be used as the energy source instead of glucose.

  • Re-stimulating metabolism

  • Reducing body fat

  • Supporting energy requirements